Upcoming Louisiana Housing Conference Emphasizes Building Connections to Boost Affordable Housing

February 14, 2020

When it comes to creating and sustaining affordable housing in Louisiana, connections matter.

That’s why the Louisiana Housing Corporation is hosting our second-annual Connections conference on April 1-3 in downtown Baton Rouge. This award-winning event is designed to help elected leaders and housing professionals learn, share and develop affordable housing strategies to build stronger communities across the state.

As an all-inclusive housing conference, Connections will cover an array of topics designed to put housing first, including housing development, homeownership, compliance, homelessness solutions and community development.

We chose the name Connections for a reason: this is an opportunity to meaningfully connect cities, the state and the wide range of individuals and other stakeholders who are focused on housing in Louisiana.

Not only are we focused on these important connections, but we’re also focusing on why those relationships matter. This conference will demonstrate how linking and sharing responsibilities, as well as resources, is the only way we’ll be able to tackle the immense affordable housing issue that touches every community in Louisiana.

By bringing together this diverse group of housing professionals, we can craft strategies and leverage resources in order to build thriving and resilient communities, families and individuals across the state.

Building Partnerships

For three days, 500+ housing professionals will convene at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Baton Rouge for a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded, mission-driven peers to examine, learn and discuss how to improve the lives of Louisiana residents through creating affordable housing as the cornerstone of the community.

For example, one community development panel will highlight how municipalities can create their own “Choice” Neighborhood through the popular HUD-sponsored Choice Neighborhood Initiative that has been overwhelmingly successful in transforming distressed communities in major cities across the U.S.

New Orleans, Shreveport and Baton Rouge were awarded highly competitive CNI grants to revitalize their communities, and officials from those areas will share the secrets to creating a Choice neighborhood. Here’s a hint: it’s all about partnerships!

Tapping into a Network

Last November, community leaders from all sectors came together for an in-depth discussion about an area that impacts the quality of life for Louisiana residents: Blight. Neighborhood blight and the presence of vacant and abandoned properties are visible throughout many communities across Louisiana and LHC wants to change that.

At this year’s Connections conference, we’ll continue that in-depth discussion at the Community Revitalization Roundtable. We’ll also host a networking reception where housing professionals and stakeholders from across the state can share important ideas about how to revitalize their communities.

Leveraging Resources

The conference also includes a number of informational panels designed to help professionals leverage important resources and technologies to support homeownership and affordable housing.

From strategies for homeless prevention and the latest innovations in affordable housing to post-disaster housing recovery strategies and the latest electronic loan-closing tools, these sessions are a great way to gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge practices of the housing world.

These are just a few of the opportunities the Connections conference offers to start building impactful and lasting professional relationships that will help truly move the needle for Louisiana’s housing needs.

The conference will kick off on April 1 with the Regional Roundtables. On day two, April 2 we will conduct a series of concurrent breakout sessions as part of our 6-track housing series. Finally, to bring it all together we will then convene one last time on April 3, for an open dialogue of what we’ve learned at the Connections Matter panel. Register or Learn More here.

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