Louisiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Due to overwhelming response, the Louisiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program application process has been temporarily suspended. Click the link below if you would like to receive a notification when the application period reopens.


Program Overview

In an effort to help lessen the outbreak’s economic impacts, the program will provide emergency assistance to renters who are at imminent risk of eviction as a result of shutdowns, closures, layoffs, reduced work hours, or unpaid leave due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Eligible applicants will receive assistance for rent in a one-time, lump-sum payment made directly to property owners or management companies. The total assistance amount will depend on income eligibility.

How to Apply

Step 1

Complete the intake form online or by dialing 211. If you need application assistance, please see below. Review all eligibility requirements here.

Step 2

A representative from the LHC will contact all applicants who receive preliminary eligibility within 30 days via phone, to continue the application process. Ineligible applicants will receive notice by mail.

Step 3

The tenant and landlord will need to submit additional documentation to determine final eligibility. A list of required documents can be found here

Step 4

If your application is approved, rental payment(s) will be sent directly to the landlord or property owner.


Need Application Assistance?

LHC has partnered with Louisiana 211 to assist applicants with the pre-screening application. Renters who would like to speak directly to a representative will be able to apply for the program by calling 2-1-1. Individuals who do not have access to the internet or a smartphone can also call 2-1-1 to receive assistance.


Eligibility Requirements

Landlord & Property Owners

As the landlord, you are acknowledging that your tenant is applying for rental assistance through the Louisiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program. You are acknowledging that the funds provided are to go only toward rent payments for your tenant and any monies provided to you through this program beyond what is owed must be used towards future rent payments for your tenant.

Download the Landlord and Property Owner Factsheet to gain a better understanding

of your role in the application process.

For the renter to participate, the landlord must:

  • Accept the rental payment
  • Be current on taxes
  • Not pursue eviction for non-payment while receiving rental assistance
  • Waive any late fees or penalties for rent not paid during the period of time the rent payments are received

Frequently Asked Questions