John M. Schroder

John Schroder was elected Louisiana State Treasurer on November 18, 2017.  As Treasurer, he oversees the state’s $5.7 billion investment portfolios. He also chairs the Louisiana State Bond Commission and returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Louisiana citizens. 

John was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2007 by a predominantly conservative constituency in St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes. After serving 10 years, he resigned his legislative seat to run for State Treasurer.  

Bringing his business and entrepreneurial background to the State Capitol, he arrived in the Legislature at a crucial time in history. Louisiana faced and still faces tremendous budgetary stress.  John used his business sense while he served on the Appropriations and Joint Budget committees where he continued to focus on the need for structural changes in budgeting practices and capital outlay usage.  

He passionately worked toward an efficient, accountable, smaller state government and advocated for fiscal responsibility.  John sponsored and passed comprehensive earmark reforms and emerged as a vocal spokesman for the average taxpayer, demanding governmental accountability.  

John is one of the founders of the House Fiscal Budget Hawks. The Budget Hawks are a group of legislators committed to ending wasteful government spending, balance the budget, and successfully pass legislation to end the practice of using the one-time money on recurring expenses. As Treasurer, John will continue expressing his opposition to increasing taxes on Louisiana taxpayers, pushing for a streamlined budgeting process, and for overhauling the entire tax system for Louisiana.  

John is a graduate of East Jefferson High School, Southeastern Louisiana University, and a Veteran of the United States Army.  He is a small businessman, co-owner of a real estate company, and a residential developer. John has been married to Ellie Daigle Schroder for 32 years.