Louisiana Bonding Assistance Program Available For Small Contractors



Multi-Family Bond Program

  • Provides financing to developers to acquire, construct and/or rehabilitate affordable housing
  • All proposals must comply with the LHC’s current Qualified Allocation Plan

HOME Program

  • Loans for affordable housing developers to build, buy or rehab affordable housing
  • Provides direct rental assistance

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

  • Incentive for private developers and investors to construct or rehabilitate affordable housing
  • Federal housing tax credits are awarded to developers of qualified projects, who sell the credits to investors to raise funds

Community Housing Development Organization

  • Nonprofit, community-based service organization that has staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for this community it serves
  • CHDOs are entitled to participate in HOME Program activities

Rental Assistance Demonstration

  • Allows Public Housing Agencies to convert some units to project-based Section 8 programs
  • Helps preserve affordable housing units and allows PHAs to serve communities

Asset Management

  • Supervises the progress of new construction and rehabilitation projects across all LHC programs
  • Ensures that federal regulations are followed and that all construction agreements between LHC and the developer or owner are met

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

  • Federally funded program that helps low-income households with their home energy bills
  • The LIHEAP program may provide bill payment assistance and/or energy crisis assistance

Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Combines deeply affordable rental housing with voluntary, flexible and individualized community?based services
  • Assists people with the most severe and complex disabilities to live successfully in the community
  • Goal is to reduce chronic homelessness

Performance-Based Contract Administration

  • Monitors compliance with Section 8 project owners
  • Pays Section 8 project owners accurately and timely
  • Complies with HUD regulations governing administration of Section 8 HAP contracts