Affordable Rental (HOME-ARP Rental Housing)

About The Program

The overall goal is to cooperate regionally across the state with all grantees to ensure the needs of the vulnerable populations are met in a coordinated way.

Affordable Rental Housing, also known as HOME-ARP Rental Housing, is a type of housing designed to be affordable for low-income households. This type of housing is often supported by government subsidies or tax incentives to make it more affordable for people who may not be able to afford market-rate housing.

The HOME and ARP programs provide funding and resources to support the development of affordable rental housing, which can help to address housing affordability and homelessness issues in communities across the United States. Affordable rental housing may also include supportive services, such as case management or job training, to help residents improve their economic stability and overall well-being.

Goals of Affordable Rental Housing (HOME -ARP Housing):
  • Production or Preservation of Affordable Housing (such as acquisition and rehabilitation)


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