Homelessness Solutions

The Louisiana Housing Corporation offers solutions to people experiencing/at risk of homelessness, including access to housing and supportive services.

LHC’s Commitment

In keeping with its mission to ensure that every Louisiana resident can obtain safe, affordable, energy-efficient housing, the LHC offers several solutions to people at risk of/experiencing homelessness.

Need immediate housing?

Housing and supportive services for people experiencing homelessness are available statewide through Coordinated Entry Access Points. To find the Coordinated Entry Access Point nearest to you, go to and select your parish, then drop by or call one of the listed organizations.

The Louisiana Balance of State Continuum of Care (LA BOSCOC)

The Louisiana Balance of State Continuum of Care (LA BOSCOC) is a coalition of people and housing and service providers dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in Louisiana. The LHC serves as the LA BOSCOC’s lead agency.

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD offers a variety of resources for the homeless population and those at risk of losing their housing. This page directs users to available resources from multiple providers in Louisiana including shelter, food banks and homeless service groups.

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This site offers rental housing and housing for sale across the state. Those searching for housing can find temporary housing available to those in need due to disaster recovery, rental housing that is income based or on a sliding scale rent, housing available to seniors and those with disabilities, and housing that does not require a criminal background check or credit check.

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The Louisiana Housing Corporation was created in 2011 and administers federal and state funds through programs designed to advance the development of energy efficient and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families, drives housing policy for Louisiana and oversees the state’s Disaster Housing Task Force. In keeping with its mission to ensure that every Louisiana resident can obtain safe, affordable, energy-efficient housing, the LHC prioritizes services to offer solutions to people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

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Louisiana PermanentSupportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing is a proven, effective means of reintegrating individuals from vulnerable backgrounds into the community by addressing their basic needs for housing and providing ongoing support. This includes those exiting institutions, chronically homeless people, highly vulnerable homeless families, and individuals with psychiatric disabilities or chronic health challenges.

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Other Programs

 Homelessness Solutions aims to empower individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness or experiencing homelessness by offering a variety of opportunities for support and assistance. We also facilitate funding options for service providers, community partners, and developers to collaborate in creating sustainable solutions for the homeless population. Together, we strive to build a compassionate and resilient community for all.

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