LA Homeownership Think Tank

Program Details

The Louisiana Statewide Homeownership Think Tank provides an opportunity for stakeholders including nonprofits, employers, HBCUs, colleges and universities, major civil rights organizations, real estate practitioners, financial institutions, foundations, and state and local governments to develop actionable concepts to address access to affordable homeownership. The Think Tank will explore signature national opportunities that could have a direct impact on improving the state’s homeownership needs and will implement locally based homeownership projects that can serve as a model for financial inclusion and wealth building in other communities around the country.

Efforts or approaches will be grouped into multiple categories or workstreams to ensure subject matter experts on the specific topic can offer input, provide direction, and measure success.

Expectations and Outcomes

Increase financing and investment by state and local governments, foundations, major employers, and the financial industry in support of minority homeownership in urban and rural communities by:

  • Increasing the supply of new affordable housing units
  • Building vehicles that increase financing and investment by the financial industry in housing preservation
  • Increasing housing counseling opportunities in rural and small communities
  • Develop credit building vehicles used to increase credit reporting/credit scoring for minority communities
  • Increase access to funds for down payment and closing costs

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Save the Date - 2023 Homeownership Think Tank Meeting Dates

June 1 at 10:00 a.m.  --> Click here to register for this event

September 5 at 10:00 a.m.

More information on venue and topics to come.