Foreclosure Prevention Program




LHC and LBF Commitment

The Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) and the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) have joined together to create a program that will give the citizens of Louisiana, who are facing homeownership affordability challenges, such as mortgage delinquency, foreclosure, etc. the opportunity to obtain homebuyer counseling and free legal services.

LHC and LBF are committed to assisting Louisiana citizens facing homeownership affordability issues due to increased cost of living caused by the Covid-19 pandemic or other economic burdens.  The program will provide services, such as foreclosure prevention counseling, homebuyers education, and direct representation, which will allow struggling homeowners the opportunity to remain in their homes and communities.

Program Details

Inquiring constituents will be referred to one of LHC’s participating housing counseling agencies and or to legal counselors through the Louisiana Bar Foundation for assistance with mortgage delinquencies, foreclosure prevention counseling, mortgage loan modifications, legal counseling or legal representation.

The program does not provide monetary assistance; however, it does provide constituents with valuable resources and information to enable them to successfully navigate their housing affordability issues such as:

  • The option and/or opportunity to work with HUD Certified housing counselors for budget counseling and foreclosure prevention counseling.
  • Free legal counsel regarding to mortgage loan modifications and loss mitigation.
  • Legal representation related to sheriff sales and bankruptcy.

This program is designed to expose current Louisiana homeowners, who are at or below specified income limits* and are experiencing hardships to options that will help them maintain ownership of their current homes.

FAMILY SIZE                     ANNUAL                             MONTHLY                              WEEKLY
1                                             29,160                                    2,430                                      560 
2                                             39,440                                    3,286                                      758 
3                                             49,720                                    4,143                                      956 
4                                             60,000                                    5,000                                      1,153 
5                                             70,280                                    5,856                                      1,351 
6                                             80,560                                    6,713                                      1,549 
7                                             90,840                                    7,570                                      1,746 
8                                           101,120                                    8,426                                      1,944 
FOR EACH                                                                                              
PERSON ADD                         10,280                                   856                                         197