Louisiana Housing Corporation Highlights the Significance of Energy Assistance Day

February 2, 2024

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Thursday, 1 February 2024—The Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) proudly recognizes, along with the nation, the vital importance of Energy Assistance Day, an initiative aimed at supporting families and individuals facing challenges in meeting their energy needs. This annual recognition serves as a crucial reminder of the collective responsibility we share in ensuring the well-being of our communities, particularly during challenging times. 

Energy Assistance Day brings attention to the critical role that affordable and accessible energy plays in the lives of Louisiana residents. The LHC is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and inclusive housing environment and acknowledges the impact of energy assistance programs on enhancing the quality of life for our fellow citizens.  

As a key player in the state's housing landscape, the LHC commits to collaborating with government agencies, community organizations, and energy providers to evolve the needs of Louisiana's diverse population. By recognizing and actively participating in Energy Assistance Day, the LHC seeks to amplify awareness of available resources and assistance programs that can make a meaningful difference for those facing energy-related challenges.  

The LHC offers two essential programs, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program, that can make a difference for homeowners and their utility bills. 

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program that helps households with home energy expenses. The LIHEAP program may provide heating/cooling bill payment assistance, crisis bill payment assistance, and/or heating/cooling equipment repair/replacement assistance.  

The Weatherization Assistance Program focuses on helping homeowners weatherize their homes. Weatherization is the process of making your home more energy-efficient by implementing a range of improvements. These improvements can include insulation installation, air sealing, weather-stripping, duct sealing, and other energy-saving measures.  

"In today's economy, we know many households struggle to pay their monthly bills, and paying your utility bill on a regular basis can be challenging at times," said LHC Interim-Executive Director Marjorianna Willman. "Our goal at Louisiana Housing Corporation is to provide and create more energy-efficient housing. Our programs have a direct impact on affordability and reliable energy. If a household is unable to meet the utility bill demands, that's where we see a decline in healthcare and economic stability."  

The LHC encourages residents to take advantage of the resources offered on Energy Assistance Day and throughout the year. From financial assistance programs to energy efficiency initiatives, there are numerous avenues available to support Louisiana families in achieving sustainable and affordable energy solutions.  

To learn more about LHC's Commitment to energy assistance and its role in promoting accessible housing solutions, visit LHC.LA.GOV. To learn more about nationwide resources visit: The Office of Community Services and the National Energy Assistance Directors Association. 


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