Performance and Reporting

Performance and Reporting Department is responsible for driving programmatic and operational change, strategic planning, research, reporting, and maintaining data integrity.

Programmatic and Operational Change

In order to maximize agency performance, the Performance and Reporting Department engages in project planning and management, process improvement, and policy development. The department facilitates the corporation-wide operational planning process with the Executive Director, the senior leadership team and external stakeholders. This includes the alignment of operational goals with strategic priorities, the identification of transformational change initiatives and the monitoring of key performance measures against established targets. 

Research, Reporting, and Data Integrity

The Performance and Reporting Department is also responsible for conducting research activities designed to have immediate relevance to the policy issues facing the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Program Administrators. The division expands the availability of data regarding the corporation’s affordable housing initiatives. It also serves as the technical liaison to the programs by facilitating the development of enterprise technology solutions, by developing and implementing reporting tools and GIS mapping as well as by monitoring and improving internal data collection and data warehousing standards.